One of the aims of the Citizens Advice service is 'to improve the policies and practices that affect people's lives' and this is what is known as 'research and campaigns work'.

Citizens Advice is in the business of advising people how to solve their problems. Advice work helps people solve a particular problem, research and campaigns work tackles the cause of the problem and stops it from happening to others.

Our practice takes the following actions:

  1. Campaigning for change
  2. Working towards a fairer society
  3. Promoting change
  4. Influencing procedure
  5. Inspiring people to take action
  6. Enabling clients to voice their concerns
  7. Achieving positive change
  8. Challenging discrimination, unfairness, inequalities, bad practice

 These are the National campaigns Citizens Advice is running at the moment.

  1. Improve the debt collection practices of mobile phone companies.
  2. Talk about abuse – a campaign to encourage everyone to look for signs of abuse.
  3. Secure self employment – to aim for a less complicated policy that gives self-employed people the security to plan their lives.
  4. JULY 2017 is scams awareness month – to help raise the issue of scams and how to spot one.
  5. Settle and safe, a renter’s right – a campaign aimed at improving the private rented sector.

Citizens Advice Thanet is running local campaigns. 

  1. To put bailiffs on the spot – campaigning for effective regulation of the bailiff industry. 
  2. Assess ability for disabled persons on private hire vehicles – excess charging.